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by Rohit Khurana on May 22, 2011


We all love to be 24 X 7 on Facebook. But day by day I noticed that it is very boring to keep on using the same webpage for the whole day long. There must be different styles, formats and layouts available so that we can view it in the way we like. And the tool named as Better Facebook will not only help you for all these add-ons and provides many other applications. It is designed such that you can change the view of page easily and frequently.

Better Facebook is a free add – on designed to change the looks of your Facebook page in different styles. It has been designed for different browsers separately.You can install the one according to your browser with the help of the link given at the end. The option will be present at the top after installation as shown in the snapshot below.


It will display 10 setup wizards while installation to choose the outlook as described below:

  1. Recommended Settings.
  2. Select Extra icons to be added.
  3. The different tabs to be added.
  4. You can deactivate the “Light Box” Photo Viewer.
  5. The Themes can be selected from the long list.
  6. Various activities like Friend Tracker can be added on the home page.
  7. The picture will appear in full size when you hover over the one.
  8. The recent activities that are posted on your wall can be removed.
  9. The comment button button can be restored which is not available now a days and the comment is posted as soon as we press enter.
  10. The final approval for all the settings

Now you can enjoy the new Facebook webpage. The settings can be changed whenever you want to. Click on the Better Facebook icon on the top. The console as shown in the snapshot below will appear. The options are divided as Popular, Layout, Posts, Display, Theme and Filtering.


Facebook - Google Chrome_2011-05-17_16-53-33

The popular will display the options related to most preferred apps. The layout will help to what all options you want on the webpage. There are many options related to the posts as shown in the snapshot above. Display provides various options like for Wall Posts, Most Recent and Comments etc. Various themes can be selected. Filtering is used to choose the post you want to see and its format. So, I think there are large number of options available to make the Facebook interesting.

The application has been tested on Google Chrome. You can install it for different browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera 11 and Grease Monkey. It has not been designed for Internet Explorer.

Install Better Facebook for any browser

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