How To Deal, Recognize iTunes Phishing Scam Email

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on October 25, 2010


Some time back I received a mail from iTunes receipt mail just the normal mail when ever I purchase an app from iTunes, but this time after seeing this electronic receipt I was shocked to see a whopping an app I purchased for $ 752.99 and then I found some error in total in the receipt as the order total was $ 029.99 as shown in the image below.

10-25-2010 2-33-51 PM 

A normal user would be shocked and might click a link any of the link on the mail to report a problem to apple, but I saw all the links in the mail were pointing to some weird URL – after seeing the total mistake, I started thinking and then after seeing all the links in this receipt mail were pointing to some non apple website I knew this is iTunes scam phishing mail to hack or steal some information about me or my iTunes account.


I did not visited the link but I assume, if I had clicked those links in the mail to report a problem that I have not purchased this app, it might have asked me to re enter my credit card details on phishing site which looks like apple support website and in the end all credit card info would have been stolen. Now when I inspected whether this email has been sent to my iTunes account mail or some other email id, and I was right it was sent to my blog email id which spammers might have got from the site about page or some where else.

So the next time you receive any iTunes scam mails, please make sure to check to which email id it was sent to, where all the links in the mails are pointing to and check these little thing like bill total before you are in panic and click the link to report an issue about it to apple support, even if it is a genuine mail you should better contact to apple support through some other way we suggest.

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