Automatically Extract ZIP and RAR Archives On Windows PC

by Rohit Khurana on September 16, 2011


Sometimes depending upon the nature of the work that we do, we could have to download a lot of RAR and Zip files everyday and extract them manually. This job can become very tedious in case we have to do it every day for a lot of files. But I have got an application for you named AutoWinRarZip, which will save your effort of manually unzipping the RAR and Zip compressed archived folders and then deleting them also.

This application will help you to extract the archived files and delete the archived Zip and RAR containers after you have finished the extraction process. After the extraction from the RAR and Zip compressed archived containers is done they are deleted successfully and the extracted content is put in the specified destination folder. The application will operate from the system tray. It will show you the notifications for the archives which have been extracted to the destination folder. The application is compatible with Windows XP, Windows vista and Windows 7.

AutoWinRarZip 1


This is the first window that will open up when you will launch the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The application has only one toolbar option File. When the tool opens there is a Add New Folder link on the left hand side of the window. When you will click on the Add New Folder link a browse window will open up and you will be given an option to select a folder. The folder that you will select will be the source folder. All the archived Zip and RAR containers files that you will download in this folder will be automatically extracted to get the files. You will also have to specify the Destination folder in the Destination Directory option.

All the files that you will extract from the archived Zip and RAR containers in the source folders will be extracted to this location. Now you have two more options to choose from i.e. Delete Archive and Create Folder. The first option i.e. Delete Archive is used to Delete the source archive after the decompression is done, so you can check this option if you don not want to save the archived Zip and RAR containers after their decompression is done to extract the files into the destination folder. The second option i.e. Create Folder is used to create folder for Archive without main folder, so that you can create a folder for each archive that will be extracted into the destination folder. Then you have the Progress Bar which will show you the progress of the current process.

Download AutoWinRarZip

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