How To Improve Speed Of Windows File Copying

by Rohit Khurana on August 26, 2011


If you copy a lot of data in your computer between two location or from your computer to an external drive and you are tired of waiting due to the slow speed windows offers to transfer the files. Then I have a tool WinMend File Copy, that will help you to copy the files faster than Windows. This tool will help you to copy the files 300% faster than windows copy engine. This tool is very useful large batch file transfers. This tool copies files three times faster than the windows copy engine. At the end of the transfer it displays the list of files that failed to copy. The tool is available in four languages i.e. English, Farsi, Vietnamese, Russian and many more.

WinMend File Copy 1

This is the main window that opens up when you open up the software, now before going to the technical side  let me me tell you some basic functionalities of this software the red arrow on the top right hand corner of the window points to a color palette. The colors  in this palette are green, red, yellow, blue and black. Simply by clicking on any of these colors the theme of the tool will change accordingly.  The green arrow at the bottom right corner of the window points to a button which says Language, English is selected by default. You can modify the the language by clicking on the button which says English and a whole list of languages window will pop out and you can select any language you want in this window.


Now coming to the technical side by default the first tab File Copy will be selected the above windows has a button that is pointed by a yellow arrow which is used to add files to be transferred. The button pointed out by blue arrow is used to add folders to be transferred. The button with the minus sign is used to delete a selected file or a folder. The button with a cross sign is used to clear the list of all the selected files and folders. Destination Path is the path where you want the files and folders to be copied. There is a slider which says Buffer Size which can be increased or decreased, it should be kept to maximum for optimum performance.

WinMend File Copy 2

The Dropdown shown above has three options you can chose the option that suits your need. Now you can press copy to start the process.

WinMend File Copy 3

This is the window that you will get after you press on Copy button. This window provides you the features to pause the transfer, Resume the transfer and Stop the transfer. It also shows you the progress bar of the process. After the copy is done it will show you a success message or else you will get the errors for the different files accordingly. One more tool is there that can also be used if are looking to transfer a large number of files MariusSoft Mass File Mover.

Download WinMend File Copy

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princeaniket August 26, 2011 at 11:04 am

Thanks for the new tool..
going to try it.. 😛

Dave August 28, 2011 at 9:56 pm

Will give this a try, I do transfer files form my HDD to my Portable Drive a lot so something 3 times faster than windows will be great.

Thanks Dave.

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