How To Insert, Embed A Video In Windows Live Writer Post

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on August 20, 2010


In this simple tutorial I am going to share a very basic and in built functionality of Windows Live Writer. We all insert pictures and hyperlinks in Windows Live Writer, but many of us don’t often add videos in our blog posts on Windows Live Writer.


For those of you who already use this functionality, you may skip this tutorial as it covers the very basic functionality.

Add or Embed A Video In Blog Post Using Windows Live Writer

Step 1: Find the link to Embed a video. For this just visit the video sharing website you use and get the embed code or url from there from the video. See an example snapshot of YouTube.

embedd code for online videos

Step 2: Now Click the Insert Video Option in any one of these two places on Windows Live Writer – 1. In “Insert > Video” menu or in the sidebar of Windows Live Writer under column Insert and option Video


 insert-video-options1 insert-video-options

Step 3: Paste the code copied in the Step 1 in the Insert Video Windows which opens up at the end of step 2.

put embed code in insert video window

This is it, now complex operations needed, your blog post will now contain a video embedded in the post which can be played right on the same page without leaving that page.

This is a basic tutorial which maybe very helpful for the beginner users of Windows Live Writer. Hope you find it easy to follow.

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