[Solved] Video Not Playing In Windows 8 Media Player

by Rohit Khurana on March 23, 2012


Windows 8 is the latest addition to Windows family of operating systems and it aims to make things simple, easy and more beautiful with its new user interface. The settings have changes, the interface is now more generic so that it can be used on touch screens as well as normal desktop and laptop computers at the same time. One of the problems which many users may initially face when they start using Windows 8 is that they may not be able to play video files in Windows 8. Some of the video formats work without any problem while the other either freeze or just give an error and don’t work at all! In this article, we share two simple solutions to this problem, both solutions work well, you decide which way you like to solve the problem. We have already shared a guide here to solve the same problem for earlier version of Windows including Windows 7.


Windows Media Player Error In Windows 8

image – Windows Media Player Error In Windows 8

There are two ways to solve this problem, one is to install the missing codecs in Windows Media Player 12 which comes as default video player in Windows 8. Second way is to install a universal video player like VLC player which is compatible with Windows 8. We tested both on Windows 8 and we share both these methods in details. If you are very fond of Windows Media Player, we suggest you follow the codec method, else VLC Player does an excellent job on almost all Windows and Linux computers.

Install VLC Player To Play Any Video Format In Windows 8

Windows 8 operating system is quite new and in beta state at the time when I am writing this. New softwares have started adapting themselves for Windows 8 and many such softwares are already released officially. Some of the common softwares for Windows 7 also work perfectly on Windows 8 as well as the core of these two operating systems is very similar. VLC has recently come up with version 2 of their video player and it works seamlessly with Windows 8. Just download and install the latest version from VLC official website here and it will play almost any video format you have on your Windows 8 computer. So if you had doubts whether VLC Video Player Works With Windows 8? The answer is yes, it does !

Windows 8 Video Running In VLC Player 2

image – VLC Player working on Windows 8


Install Missing Video Codecs In Windows 8 In Media Player 12

Windows 8 default media player, the Windows Media Player 12 does play most common video formats but does not recognize some of the less popular ones. It is common to see such errors if you are a video buff. If you really like the interface of Windows Media Payer and want to play these videos on Windows Media Player only, there are codecs available for that.

Windows Media Player in Windows 8 Error

You can simply download and install Windows 8 Media Player torrents from Shark007 here. While you try to install the codec pack, you may see an error like one below trying to prevent the Installation. Click on Run anyway option to proceed with the installation.

3-23-2012 4-25-26 PM

One more think to keep in mind, when you install the codecs, the installer quietly tries to install a WeatherBug application on your Windows PC. You can opt-out of this additional application, just uncheck the checkbox on the installation screen as below.

Skip wether bug install

After you finish installing the codec pack, you should be able to run most of the video formats in Windows Media Player 12 in Windows 8. There is also a settings utility installed by the codec pack in case you need to fiddle with any of the settings manually.

Windows 8 Media Player Codecs Installed

Below you can see Windows Media Player running an avi file without any glitch.

Windows Media Player in Windows 8

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Xantes March 23, 2012 at 11:20 pm

Forget about Windows Media Player… even in Windows 8!
Install one of many real free all-in-one player – such as VLC player and KMPlayer – and you won’t be needing any extra codecs! The rest is fairy tales!

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