How To Prevent Downloading Fake Microsoft Security Essentials

by Rohit Khurana on October 30, 2010


You must be knowing that Microsoft produced its own anti-virus tool which can se called as Microsoft Security Essentials. This security tool was available free with every license of Windows 7. As per my view it was done so hat users can buy the original, genuine and the licensed version of Windows OS rather than going for pirated version. But a clone or a fake tool similarly looking to this tool has been developed which is itself a virus and it acts exactly like the one which has been released by Microsoft. In this post we will tell you that how can you stay away from that tool and what are the indications through which you can learn that the tool is fake.

Just follow the following steps and then you will be able to detect that whether the copy of Microsoft Security Essentials installed on you system is Genuine or not. But mind it that while doing so, you computer will be infected if the Microsoft Essentials copy was a fake one.

  • Open any executable file which is being monitored by this tool, it will block the tool and then it will not allow the tool to start.
  • It will show you the alert message stating that the virus has been detected, if you want to see the report in detail then it will also shown you the fake details.
  • Then it will ask you to scan that file or I should say that it will ask you to scan that file online, the it will show you about the possible results detected and then you can choose any of the solutions.
  • Basically it will show you the list of tools and in them some of the tools can be installed without any pay. Let me tell you that all the tools are fake and no one will help instead the tool which will be download without any fee will be an virus.
  • If your system gets infected after installing that tool then use another anti-virus to remove this fake Microsoft Security Essentials.

That’s it!!! you will that whether that tool is genuine or not. It is not a small problem because it may fool of you for along period of time and then you will keep on abusing the Microsoft for such a vague tool. But at last Microsoft cannot help, it is you who is supposed to be attentive and then check whether the resources used by to download anything is genuine or not. Keep reading and have a nice day.

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