How To Stop Programs Creating Problem In Pen Drive Safe Removal

by Rohit Khurana on December 9, 2011


Transferring data through USB drive from one computer to another has become a common practice for computer users. You just need to plug the USB drive into your system and automatically your system will detect it and you may start your operations of copying, pasting, or deleting etc. But, you might have experienced that sometimes at the time of ejecting the USB drive from the computer, it gives an error message stating that the device can’t be ejected as it is in use. In such cases you either need to directly take it out which is not a correct way as it may corrupt the USB drive too or the other option is to wait and see that the process which is using it releases it for ejection. Although, in such a case, it can be hard to identify which processes might be using the USB device, and most of the casual users can’t even do this. Therefore, it becomes a bit tedious to individually identify and close each running process, which is using this particular drive.

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For such cases we are here discussing a small utility which may serve your purpose and may prove helpful in such cases. Dev Eject is basically a small, easy to use and a helpful tool which can be used resolve this problem. The main functionality of this tool is that it allows the user to control the removable devices connected to the computer, and displays all the running process which may be delaying the safe removal of the USB device from the computer.



This tool can be easily downloaded from the link given below. After downloading it, you may easily install it in your computer in few simple steps. You may observe that now, whenever you have a problem closing a removable device or require viewing active processes, you can use this utility and you just need to open Dev Eject and click Locks or Eject option.


After clicking this option, you may see all the available process which needs to be closed before you are able to safely remove a USB device. It also provides a feature through which you may enable Dev Eject to start at system start up, and you may also set default click action for system tray icon (Open Settings or Short device list), enable a time frame for checking for updates and enable logging from Settings.

Download Dev Eject


[SOLVED] “Generic volume cannot be stopped right now” error when Removing a pen-drive

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