How To Synchronize Multiple Folders In Windows For Data Backup

by Rohit Khurana on August 20, 2011


Sometimes you need to synchronize your data by keeping it same at more than one location in your computer. There may be a possibility or a need where you need to copy data from some folders to some other folders with keeping in mind some of the conditions that the files must not be duplicated. So, instead of doing these jobs separately, you may also do it in one go by using a small utility that we are discussing here.

Folder Replica is a small, useful and basically a job-based file synchronization utility which allows the user to create a complete list of all sync jobs for different folders and locations and process them in one go. This utility comes up with three different sync modes; Backup Advanced Mode i.e. basically used to simply transfer all the files from Folder A to B, Folder Sync Mode which will keep the files present in the folder B as well and will add the files from folder A to it, and the third one is Copy Missing file Mode which as the name indicates will copy all those files from folder A which are not present in the folder B. Along with these three modes it also provide a complementary mode which can be used to Delete Duplicates in B i.e. from the target folder.



As shown in the screenshot, the user interface provided by the utility is basically divided into 2 different panes, which has been so designed in order to provide the user comfort. These two panes are represents the folder A and B sections, respectively. You might have seen the interface for some other backup utilities also and just like any other backup utility, it also provides you with a preview of sync job results before actually executing them, so that you may decide whether to go with it or not. This also enables you to look out for all those files and folders which will be affected by the sync operations and to check them in advance. Along with all the above mentioned features, it also allows you to schedule your sync/backup jobs on specified days of week, so that the back-up can be maintained without have to manually copying them. Along with the day of the week, you can also mention the time of day to automatically run scheduled sync jobs and to enable the logging so that the problems can be seen that it may face while performing the data synchronization operations.

In order to use this utility, simply download it from the below given link and install it in your computer. After launching the utility, simply select the source directory from left side pane in the window and target location from the other side. Once you have selected both the folders, then you have to choose one of the synchronization mode already discussed above and then after selecting simply click on the Add to Synchronize Job List to add to job list.

Once you are done with adding up of all the jobs to the list, then you can choose another set of folders with required sync mode to add another sync job to list and keep on adding the jobs so on. When all the settings are in place and you are done with all the selections, then simply click on the Process Job List option available on the interface in order to begin synchronization process. After this, you may observe that the output console which is present at the bottom of the screen shows the files and folders which are being synced with target location.

Download FolderReplica

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