How To Transfer Windows Live Writer Settings From One Computer To Another

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on November 24, 2009



I have recently built a Windows 7 PC based Desktop PC for testing purpose and exploring Windows 7 features and troubleshooting. I installed Windows Live Writer on it for blogging. I use WordPress and use Windows Live writer as a Desktop Blogging Client. I find it very neat and useful tool for blogging from a Windows PC.


I wanted to set up Widows live Writer on my new Desktop PC. To configure a WordPress blog on Windows Live writer involves setting all the blogs one by one with FTP details for image publishing etc. I write on seven different blogs and setting up Windows live Writer is a long task if I configure all the blogs manually on my new computer.


In this article I am going to share a wonderful freeware tool with you which can transfer all your Windows Live Writer Settings / Templates / Plugins / FTP settings etc for all the configured blogs on your one computer to another.


To transfer your Settings / Templates / Drafts / FTP configuration and all other Windows Live Writer Settings, follow the below steps:

1. Download and Install Windows Live Writer Backup tool

2. Install and Run the Backup tool on the old computer

3. Select the backup options and Click the Backup button


4. Select the backup file name and Press save button


5. This tool will start the backup as per the options you selected into one single file with .wlwbackup extension.



6. You will see the progress bar like the one below when backing up blog settings / templates from Windows Live writer.


7. Now copy this file with .wlwvbackup extension to the new computer. Install and Run the tool downloaded in step 1 on the new computer.

8. On new computer, use the Restore button and Select the file you copied from the old computer in step 7 above. This will give a warning like one below:


9. Click Yes and this will transfer all your blog settings to the new computer.


10. That is all, you can see the result below:


One good thing about this tool is that it will transfer all the settings and plugins but not the passwords. So in case someone happens to get your backup file, he/she will not be able to get access to the blogs until he has the passwords for the blogs and FTP etc.

Credit : Save Backup Restore Windows Live Writer Settings

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Rajesh Kanuri November 26, 2009 at 4:12 am

Thanks for the info

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