[How To] Use Multiple User Profiles In Google Chrome

by Rohit Khurana on December 26, 2011


Sometimes we need to keep the work and personal browsers different as we need to maintain the privacy between work things and personal things. Your home browser can be used by anyone who will login to your system so you have to keep your work and personal browser different. In case you use Google Chrome which is becoming the most popular browser these days and now you don’t want to switch to a different browser just because you can’t use the same work browser for personal use then I have got a solution to your problem. Today I will tell you how to how to use multiple profiles in Google chrome so that you can configure it for Work as well as Personal use.

Google Chrome 1

So let’s start with the steps for configuring the Google chrome for multiple profiles. First step is to click on the settings button the top right hand corner of the browser. The icon on the button is a spanner. When you will click on the button a pop up menu will open with a lot of options like New Tab, New Window, New incognito window, Bookmarks, Edit, Zoom, Find, Print, Tools, History, Downloads, Options and many more. You will have to select the Options option and click on it.

Google Chrome 2


When You will click on that options option a new window will open. The window is divided into two parts, left hand side of the window has four options you will have to select the Personal Stuff option. In personal stuff the options available to you are Sign In, Users, Passwords, Autofill, Browsing Data and Themes. You have to select the Users option. In Users option click on the Add new user button in order to Add a new user and add a new profile for the existing Google chrome browser.

Google Chrome 3

This window will show you how the Users option look like after you have added a new user profile to it. You can add any number of new users in the same Google Chrome.

Google Chrome 4

This is the window which will open when you will select a profile. When you will click on the face given to each profile it will open a drop down menu from which you can select the profile that you want to select and work upon. So we just saw how easy it is to add multiple profiles in Google Chrome.

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