How To Use Secure Web Browsing For Non Secure Websites & Webpages

by Rohit Khurana on August 20, 2011


Security over the Internet and the web has become one of the major concern for all the users. For this, today secured connections are preferred over the normal connections used earlier. That is why HTTPS has become quite popular due to extra layer of security which it provides over the normal HTTP connection between the client and the server. In this context, today we are introducing a new Firefox extension to you which has been recently developed especially for the Firefox Web Browser. It has been named as HTTPS Everywhere and is pretty useful when it comes to secured connections through the Firefox browser.

The latest version developed by its developers, i.e. HTTPS Everywhere 1.0 includes support for over 1,000 web sites. Some of these supported websites which are very popular among users are sites like Google Search, Facebook or Wikipedia, and some of the other services and pages which has been recently added are like all blogs, Nintendo, Netflix, Dropbox or the UN website. So, overall we can say that the extension is pretty useful in the situations where websites support both the http and https protocol without a clear distinction between the two protocols, or in other words we can say that there is a option to always use https when a user is connecting to the website.



HTTPS Everywhere is basically a small sized extension which ensures that https is always used when connecting to one of the supported properties. It makes sure that all the connections that are initiated by the user via http are automatically switched over to https in this case, thus providing the security for each and every request made by the user. It also has the add-on options which simply list all the supported websites and services. It comes with a feature which offers a search to find a specific site and a switch to enable or disable the https redirection.





If you want to be extra careful and are concerned about security for each and every connection made through your computer, then you can download this extension from the below given link and can install it in your system. After installing, you may observe that sometimes it may happen that HTTPS Everywhere breaks some part of a website, which can usually be due to inconsistent support for HTTPS on those particular websites. If such situation arises, then the only option left is to disable the rule and report the problem to the company or individual who is running that particular website.

HTTPS Everywhere

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