Identify & Resolve Windows Performance Issues Without Installing Extra Software

by Rohit Khurana on August 4, 2012


Windows is one of the most used operating systems in the world as of now on the personal computers including laptops and desktops. Windows 7 is one of the most convenient to use and stable Windows which I have used. In this article I will share one of the very useful in-built features of Windows 7 which most Windows 7 users have not used ever.

One of the most common complaints of Windows users is slow speed of Windows computers specially after long usage of Windows PC and installing a bunch of softwares and stuffing up the hard disk drive with lots of content. We have already shared a very useful tutorial on – 6 Tips To Speed Up Windows PC Without Hardware Upgrade, however, in this article, I will Windows 7 (and onwards) feature which helps you identify performance issues and helps you resolve these problems. This option is a free alternative to expansive PC tuning softwares which are used to identify the performance problems in Windows.

Identify and Resolve Windows Performance Issues (5)

To use this feature, simply open Control Panel and browse to Performance information and tools. When you open this option, you get many more options on the left side pane. Out of these options, select Advanced tools.

Identify and Resolve Windows Performance Issues (3)

When you open the Advanced Tools, on the top you will the section called Performance issues.


This section notifies all the performance issues it has recorded during the normal functionality of Windows OS. In this list you will see some alerts with yellow Exclamation marks, these are different kind of issues which are making the computer slow in different situations. To check what all these issues are and which programs are creating issues on your Windows PC, simply click on these links one by one and see the description.

Identify and Resolve Windows Performance Issues (2)

In most of the cases, the description is quite self-explanatory and you can fix most of these problems by just reading the text on these issues. Below are some examples where softwares which are installed on my computer are causing slow startup because of their longer wait time, so it suggests me to remove it from startup.

Identify and Resolve Windows Performance Issues (4)

Another problem is regarding a torrent client which makes PC slow during standby or hibernation process, so it suggests me to keep the program closed when I am not using it.

Identify and Resolve Windows Performance Issues (1)

The solutions to these issues are fairly simple in most cases, in case you feel confused you can search about it in more details at our search page. Hope you find this small tip useful.  Check out some more Windows 7 Tips by Trouble Fixers.

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