Identify And Download Missing Video or Audio Codecs In Windows

by Rohit Khurana on June 22, 2012


There are many a times when you try to play a downloaded movie and it does not play. Sometimes it is because of a bad video file or improper download, but it can be a problem with your Windows media codecs as well. Codecs are required to be installed in Windows media player to play video files which are not very commonly used formats. We have already shared some resources on the same in our tutorial on problem in playing videos using media player. If you are looking for codecs for your Windows 8 computer we have also shared useful information in our solution for Windows 8 not playing video format.

But even after you install codec packs, there maybe certain formats which refuse to play. This problem may arise when a specific codec is still missing or still required to be installed on your Windows PC. In this article, we share a very useful freeware called CodecInstaller with you which will identify any missing codec and will help you download and install the missing codec.

Codec Installer (1)

Download and install CodecInstaller to use this free software. Beware- During installation, the CodecInstaller will prompt to install Free Crawler toolbar, to opt-out from it, uncheck the checkbox before clicking install button on the installer.

Codec Installer (2)

After you have installed the CodecInstaller, simply launch it. Using it you can check what all codecs are already installed on your Windows PC by clicking the Installed Codecs button.

Codec Installer (3)


Codec Installer (4)

Now if a particular video file is not playing, you can click on the Analyze file option where you can browse and select the file.

Codec Installer (5)

The analyze file window will show all the information about the file including container, length, bitrate, frame-rate, codec requires for video as well as audio.

Codec Installer (8)

You can click the render to check confirm what all codecs are available for that particular file. To install a new or missing codec, simply click on the Install Codecs option which will show you a list of all popular codes to and gives you an option to download and install them directly.

Codec Installer (11)

Codec Installer (6)

This way you can quickly identify the missing codecs for a file type, download and install them directly using this tool and play these videos in your Windows media player. If you are not a die hard fan of Windows media player, you can look for an excellent alternative called the VLC player which can play most of the video formats.

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