Improve Disk, Registry, Startup Programs and Network Performance In Windows Using A Single Freeware Tool

by Rohit Khurana on December 30, 2011


Today I have got a freeware tool for you named PC House Keeper 2012 which will provide you with the a lot of tweaking tricks for your Windows PC. The software will also provide you the tools which will help you to diagnose and tweak your system performance in order to improve it. The tool will help you to clean the temporary, redundant and junk files from your system. The application will also help you to uninstall the software’s which are unused and also the ones which cause a lot of problems. The application will allow you to recover your hard disk space and avoid the “Low Hard Disk Space” error. The application can also be used to Scan and Fix the errors which are caused by various viruses and software’s. The software will also allow you to control which programs will open on startup which in turn will increase your startup speed.

PC House Keeper 2012 1

This is the first screen which will open up when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The window shows you your used Hard Disk space, used Physical Memory and used Virtual Memory. The software has various tabs like Home, Temp Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, Secure Eraser, System Tools and Network Tools.

PC House Keeper 2012 2

When you will click on the Home tab above window will open which will show you all the information regarding system like Computer Name, Operating System, OS Version and OS Platform. It will also show you statistics about Hard Disk space, Physical Memory and Virtual Memory like Total memory, Available Memory, Used Memory and Percent Used. The window has three buttons for Task Manager, More Details and Quick Stats. Task Manager button will open the Task Manager, More Details button will open the System Information window and Quick Stats button open the first window itself.

Clean Temporary Files To Free Disk Space

PC House Keeper 2012 3

The Temp cleaner option has tools like Internet cache, MS Paint, Cookies, User Cache, History and Clean All. The Clean All button will be used to clean all the things that are specified in the window.


Remove Bad Registry Entries To Make Windows PC Faster

PC House Keeper 2012 4

Registry Cleaner can be used to clean the windows registry. But before you go ahead and do something with your registry please do take a backup of it.

Purge and Delete Files Permanently

PC House Keeper 2012 5

Secure Eraser button will open a File shredder for you. This method will basically help you to securely delete your data so that it cannot be recovered using the recovering algorithm.

Optimize Windows PC For Faster Performance

PC House Keeper 2012 6

The System Tools options will open a window with options like Startup Manager, Add/Remove Programs, Disk Cleanup Tool, Process Explorer, Disk View and Autoruns. Each button will launch an application which will help you perform the respective task. Every option has a description written below it about what it do.

Network Tools To Improve Internet Performance and Make It Safer

PC House Keeper 2012 7

Network Tools tab has various tools like Internet options, IP Port Scanner, Network Connections, MAC Changer, MAC Scanner and TCP View. Internet option will open the Internet option of the Internet Explorer, IP Port Scanner will open the tool which will help you to scan the IP addresses with in a user defined range. Network Connection buttons will launch the windows application for Network Connections. MAC Changer can be used to change the MAC address of your computer. TCP view will show you which programs are connected to which IP address.

Download PC House Keeper 2012

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Alan December 30, 2011 at 12:42 pm

Program just throws up an error when trying the temp cleaners. None of the buttons in that section would work for me.
Clicking on ‘Submit a Bug’ just get the email returned undelivered.
I wouldnt recommend this program with the bugs its got and failure to contact the developers.

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