Increase Battery Backup Time In Windows 7 or Vista Laptops

by Rohit Khurana on October 24, 2010


Someday or the other all the laptop owners end up in a situation when their laptop’s battery finishes up when it is needed the most, the next thing we know is that there is no way to charge it either. This is how most of us get embarrassed when this happens in the middle of a presentation or at the most important part of a movie you were watching on it, with your mates. At that point of time we wish for a magic that could happen and save us from the awkward situation present in front of us.Well, the good news is that your wish has been granted and we have the exact tool you were looking for, known as Aerofoil.

Aerofoil is a free, but a very useful application which enables you to reduce consumption of battery power on laptops with Windows 7 or Vista by automatically managing power plans and enabling the user to control windows aero glass interface which relatively uses a high amount of resources hence, increasing the battery performance. It also enables you to switch windows sidebar and turn sound on or off while on battery power.Aerofoil itself uses the CPU minimally hence, it actually lets the CPU to perform more important tasks rather than wasting battery charge on other not so important services.

We have tested aerofoil on Windows 7 32bit operating system

Installing this utility is very easy and after downloading the correct setup file relevant to your operating system, you might have to update your C++ Redistributable since you might get an error of missing DLL link.

After running the setup.exe file and accepting the licenses part you will get an options screen which will look like this :



This option will let you choose the power settings for the corresponding profiles. You can choose from three options Balanced , Power Saver and High performance accordingly for On Battery or On AC profiles.Also the default option, which is Power Saver for On Battery and High Performance for On AC will be already selected for you, which are supposed to be the recommended settings.The best part is that whatever options you choose they will be automatically activated and switched whenever you change you power source.

Once you are all set with the power profiles you have to click next and then the installation is complete, next step is Aerofoil startup options :


In this step you can configure your Aerofoil according to your own needs. Just be careful as , If you make any mistake you will have to run the installer again in order to make any changes.This screen enables you to manage Power Plan, volume muting , Windows sidebar and Etc.

This application is very useful for all the people who are on the move most of the time, since sometimes it is not possible for a person to plug in the charger or if someone forgets to carry the adapter, happens to me all the time.Also for the technical advantage, Aerofoil is available for both 32 bit and 64 bit configurations, as it is based on C++ the CPU usage is very less and hence very low memory usage.

To conclude i would say that it is a small but very useful application, It is Free, adware free , no expiry , spyware and malware free , hence there is no harm in trying this application at least once.

Download Aerofoil

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