Increase Text Font Size In Windows 7, Vista, XP And Ubuntu Linux

by Rohit Khurana on September 29, 2010


Today we are going to share a very simple but significant tutorial for increasing the text size in Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux. Many of the users using small size and high resolution monitors or displays may want to increase the font size for certain reasons like :

  1. Smaller sized monitors put strain on eyes to read tiny text.
  2. High resolution displays usually make the font size small and difficult to read from proper distance.
  3. People with certain eye sight related issues may not want to strain too much in front of computer display.


In this small tutorial,  we will show you simple and easy steps to increase the font size for Ubuntu Linux, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

How To Increase Or Decrease Fort Size In Windows 7

To change Windows Font size in Windows 7, right click on desktop, select Personalize :


On Personalization screen, click the option called “Display


On Display setting screen, you can easily select from the available font sizes on Windows 7.


Just select the desired Fort size and click Apply. Yes, this is it, this is all you need to change the default Windows 7 font size. It surely is easier than most people think.

How To Increase Or Decrease Fort Size In Windows Vista

To change font size in Windows Vista, right click on Desktop and click Personalize:


On Personalize screen, click “Adjust font side (DPI)” option.



This will open a DPI scaling window like one below. Change the settings from here to change the default font size in Windows Vista.


This is it, it will change the default Windows Vista Front Size.

How To Increase Or Decrease Fort Size In Windows XP

To change font size in Windows XP, right click on desktop, click Properties


On Properties Window, click Appearance Tab, and from Fort Size Drop down, you can select the Font size you want to keep.


After selecting proper fort size, click ok and it will change the default Windows XP Font size.


This is it, you are done :)

How To Increase Or Decrease Fort Size In Ubuntu Linux

To change default font size in Ubuntu Linux, simply right click on the Ubuntu desktop and click “Change Desktop Background”, this will open the appearance preferences Window in Ubuntu Linux


On the Ubuntu appearance preferences window, click “Fonts” tab


On this window, you can not only change the font size, but also you can change the fonts which you want on your Ubuntu Operating System.


Just click on a font to select it and also set the size which you want to keep and press ok. Yes, this is it, we found it easier than we expected in Ubuntu.

Hope this tutorial will help you reduce some strain from your eyes with a more comfortable and readable font setting on your Windows PC or an Ubuntu Linux Computer.

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