Install, Run Linux From USB Flash Removable Drive

by Rohit Khurana on May 27, 2011


After using the same operating system for a long time, one might look out to have some options and try out some other OS like Linux. But, installing more than one OS in a same machine with the help of USB is a feature which can attract. So, in order to have such a facility in your system one may look towards Universal USB Installer.

Normally, we use optical drives for installing any of the software and especially the operating system in our system. But  some of the laptops come without optical drive, which means that in order to install any of the OS for eg., Linux, you have to install it from an USB device. But here comes the question that how can we get the Linux installation files on the USB device and not only this, but there is another issue that how can we ensure that Linux can be booted and installed from the device? For this, we recommend you a program called Universal USB Installer, which offers this functionality. You can easily make your decision about this and surely can use this program to install Linux on your notebook or laptop.


How to configure the USB Device?

Universal USB Installer is a portable,simple and easy to use application which is built for Microsoft Windows operating system. After downloading the setup, you have to install it on your machine just like any other normal software. After installing it, simply run it in order to open the configuration screen. Before you start the program just plug in the USB stick in the system. The program will automatically detect the device and will recognize it. The USB that you are using must have a size of at least 2 Gigabytes. Make sure that it is reasonably fast because copying of files and installation may take a long time or fail if it is too slow.


Once you get the configuration screen on your system, you may select one of the available Linux distributions. As you may see in the above snapshot, after selecting, you can now select an existing ISO image from the local hard drive or you may also download it from other sites. After this, you can just select the USB flash drive letter from the next drop-down menu. In this list, you can see only removable drives attached to the system. Although, you can change that option in order to display all drives, but we won’t recommended it as installation on a local hard drive may break the installed operating system on those drives.

Before starting, it is recommended to format the drive so that all contents stored on it must be erased well before the Linux distribution is copied to it. If you are installing it on a notebook, then you may not require to configure the memory. It is obvious that installation of the Linux distribution on the device takes time, and if the device is not that fast then it takes much more time then anticipated. Below you may see the  progress bar which indicates the remaining time and what is the current state of the copying process.


How to use it from USB?

Once the Linux has been installed on the USB device, you can make use of it. There are two ways by which you can use it. Either you can plug it into the computer to run Linux directly from the device, or there is another option by which you can use it to install Linux on that computer. One thing which you need to do is to enter the BIOS setup in order to change the boot order. The system’s hard drive is usually the first boot device, so you need to change it so that your USB device can be used for booting and it comes first and the hard drive second.

You may download it from the below given link.

Download Universal USB Installer

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Xantes May 27, 2011 at 6:04 pm

There is a contradiction within your terms: if the Universal USB Installer is portable then why is that you’re saying that after downloading it it should be installed?! Universal USB Installer can run WITHOUT installation!!!

Besides that there is a better toll – an indeed installable one – for Windows as well called “LinuxLive USB Creator”!

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