Instant Google Translator Program For Windows

by Rohit Khurana on September 16, 2010


While we are surfing on the internet, we do come across many sites which have important data but are in other language than English. Also, sometimes there are only few lines of other language which does not let us understand the content of that site.

So, it becomes difficult to find out what is written until we search for a translator service and take its help. Also, we have to copy the other language content and paste it in the translator for converting it in our understandable language(which is English).

This time consuming process of searching for a translator and then ‘copy and paste’ seems unattractive. So, most of the times we avoid doing this until the content is really important. But, there is a software called Transmiti which will make your translations easy.

Transmiti is a Google translator which will let you translate the selected text with just a press of a key. You don’t have to copy-paste the content to the translator. It is built in the Microsoft Windows. It is compatible with Windows xp, vista and 7.

The downloaded file is compact(of only 650KB) which needs no installation. Also, it works perfectly fine even if you do not have the administrator rights. After running, It will appear in the notification area with this icon.


For translation, you just have to select the text which you want to translate and press the ‘Window’ key available between the ‘Ctrl’ and ‘Alt’ key at the extreme bottom-left of keyboard. After that, your translated part will appear in the floating window.



With this application, you can translate from any language to the desired language. It supports 52 languages. You can set the desired language by going in the tab of ‘Settings’ in the main window. For example, I have chosen the desired language to be ‘English’.


It also provides you the option of replacing the selected text in the translated language instead of just showing it in floating window. Also, it can copy the translated text to your clipboard automatically.


You can also avail the option of starting it automatically with the windows by marking the option.

In short, it is a great utility to have in your system to make your translations easy.

Download Transmiti

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