Quickly Run Many Windows Maintenance Tasks At Once

by Rohit Khurana on April 20, 2012


When we talk of Windows Maintenance tasks, we means tasks like cleaning up unnecessary temporary Internet files, other temporary files and folder, cleaning unnecessary uninstallation directories, or in short disk cleanup tasks. Also some more things comes under Windows Maintenance like clearing up cookies, resetting network settings, flushing DNS cache, renewing all IP addresses, synchronizing time zones, defragmenting hard disks etc. These tasks free up space on hard disk as well as they clear some files which might make Windows computer slow over the time.

There are number of in-built applications like disk cleanup and disk defragmentation tool and other third party tools like CC Cleaner etc. which help in performing most of these tasks. But how would you like all these Windows Maintenance tasks to be taken care of by one single program and you would need not worry about doing these things manually. If you run this one single tool once a fortnight or once a month, it may keep your Windows computer running fast and clean. Well these is one such tool called the dMaintenance which does most of the common windows Maintenance tasks from one home screen and you can add more third party apps to it like CC Cleaner, Disk Defraggler etc. to do more for you.

dMaintenance Windows Maintenance tasks tool (1)

Using this tool is also pretty easy, simply download this tool from official website here, unzip the downloaded zipped file and run the dMaintenance.exe executable application file in the extracted folder. This will give you a User Account Control warning in Windows, click yes to continue and it will load the home screen of the tool which you can see in above snapshot.


You can select what all Windows Maintenance actions you would like the tool to perform for you on the standard actions screen. For more maintenance tasks, click on the custom app actions and it will show additional actions. On this screen, you can click the button called Download 3rd Party Apps and it will start to download and save these applications for use later when Windows Maintenance is run.

dMaintenance Windows Maintenance tasks tool (2)

dMaintenance Windows Maintenance tasks tool (5)

After you have selected all the Windows Maintenance tasks or actions you need to perform, simply click the Save & Close option on the left side pane. This will save all these settings in a configuration file in the same directory where the tool has been extracted. After it closes, launch the dMaintenance.exe again and it will start to perform the Windows Maintenance tasks selected by you on the application.

We hope you like this small tip which will help you keep your Windows computer fast as new. Do check out some more Windows Tutorials by TroubleFixers here.

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