Live Writer – Add Plugin Icons On Quick Access Toolbar For Faster Access

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on March 1, 2011


Windows Live Writer is no doubt a great blogging tool, we had already posted about several useful live writer tips which can help you write in a better way on live writer and use the complete set of features and tools of it.

Today we will tell you a simple tip on how you can pin the plugins icons on quick access toolbar on the latest version of windows live writer, this way you can use the plugin function faster and easier without pressing the insert tab while you are writing some article.

For example, lets assume that I m writing some article and I just thought of adding some snippet of code using the code snippet plugin for windows live writer, in such case I will need to press Insert tab on the top left corner of the live writer interface.

2-28-2011 6-04-00 PM


But if you add the plugin icon to the quick access toolbar in live writer, some productive time while writing an article could have been saved, as if it there on the quick access toolbar there is no need to press the insert tab to call the plugin functionality as shown in the image below.

2-28-2011 4-48-23 PM 

In order to add a plugin icon on quick access toolbar, click the insert tab and then right on the plugin and then select Add galley to quick access toolbar as shown in the image below.

2-28-2011 4-48-00 PM

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