Locate And Kill Annoying Processes In Windows

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on April 19, 2010


Process Explorer is a Wonderful Task Manager replacement for Windows and the version 12 of the Process Explorer has this unique feature of locating the name of any running window, software from its interface using the Process Explorer.


The interface has become more easy to understand with the color coding of the processes inside the process explorer window. One great features is that if you see any annoying software / malware showing up on your computer and you have no clue what is the name of the process, process explorer will find out the name of the same process and gives you option to kill it.

Its very useful in case you are getting any un-desired pop-ups from some software and you don’t know the name or exe name of the process hence you could not kill that process.

To locate a process name, just Click the round black icon on the top right toolbar of the Process Explorer, do not let go of the mouse button and drag the icon on the application or window which you want to kill.



Then simply right click the process it located and you can see the path of that process, that is where it is actually located on the disk.


The color coding of the processes is also kept simple, new processes show in green and ones that have exited show in red.

Below is a vide of how you can locate a process and kill it using the User Interface of process Explorer.

The video does not capture the movement of the black icon so clearly, just give it a try, its super easy.

Download Process Explorer

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