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by Rohit Khurana on July 10, 2010


You must find it very confusing and time consuming whenever you have to search for a file or folder. Sometimes, it seems completely hopeless because there are large number of results related to that particular topic and then it is required that we should go through each and every one of them . But not to worry any more, as I will introduce you to a freeware known as Saleen ScanFS which is a very efficient solution to search any file on your system.


The wide variety of options makes the search to give you accurate result. You just have to fill some of the options according to your requirement. You have to enter the file name to be searched. Then, enter the expected size range. For example, the audio songs will be of few MBs whereas the MS office documents are generally in KBs. You can select the directory in which the search is required. Select whether the subdirectories have to be scanned or not through the check box. If you have any idea of the date, then select the date on the basis of when the file or folder was created or modified. After selecting the desired options, click on Disk Search. The result will be displayed very fast.



The above snapshot shows a search result. The descriptive window shows all the result. A column shows the total number of files searched and the total memory occupied by those files.

The preview of the file contents or the images can be enabled. This helps you to confirm whether the required data has been searched or not.



One of the best things is that it can save and load the search parameters so that you need not to mention the details every time.

Saleen ScanFS is not only known for its fast and accurate search results but also it serves many other purposes. The Edit drop down menu will show the options as:

· Copying the files to a particular destination.

· The files can also be moved, renamed or deleted.

· The filters can be easily cleared for further use.

· The search can also be dragged and dropped to the internet explorer.

· The search mode can be refined to search within the catalogs.

· Can be used for the replacement of multiple files.

So, the Saleen ScanFS is nice freeware, which will make the daily handling and usage of the files very easy.

This tool is compatible with all the version of Windows as it has been checked with Windows XP and Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

Download ScanFS

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