Lock, Stop Files Copied From CD, DVD Using WTM Copy Protection

by Rohit Khurana on September 6, 2011


Now a days where we have most of our important data in the form of soft copy rather than hard copy. And in such cases it is of utmost importance that we protect our data from getting misused in any way. I have a tool for you i.e. WTM Copy Protection tool which will help you in protectecting your Cd’s and USB drives from getting copied illegally. The software in turn also helps in reducing piracy by not allowing to copy from a CD, DVD and a USB drive.

WTM Copy Protection 1

This is the first screen that will open up when you will run the the software for the first time after downloading and installing it.  This is the Options screen of the tool that contains the options for Choosing the language, Sector Error and Compression Algorithm. It also has a checkbox for Show Logs which can be checked or unchecked depending on the requirement.

WTM Copy Protection 2

The first option Which is Image File is used to select the Image File, which can be any data Images, documents etc. .

WTM Copy Protection 3

In the next option which is File Protection we have to select the level of file protection we want to enforce on the selected file. The protection has six levels and we can choose from any one of them.

WTM Copy Protection 4

Options menu gets loaded by default when the software starts.


WTM Copy Protection 5

In Tools menu we can create our own files, dummy files, fake files. We can also change the picture of the autorun icon using this tool.

WTM Copy Protection 6

The Autorun menu gives you several advanced security options to protect your CD’s and DVD’s.

WTM Copy Protection 7

This tool also modifies the image file.

WTM Copy Protection 8

This tool can also be used to protect the USB drives. Various options to protect the USB drives are shown above which can be used according to your requirement.

WTM Copy Protection 9

This tool also helps in protecting the documents and pictures by preventing them from getting copied, making them password protected, allowing no zoom on the pictures and many more options which can be selected according to the requirement.

The tool can be used to protect any type of CD or DVD i.e. Video CD, data CD and music CD. It is also used to protect the USB drives.The tool’s security features can be customized according to you. The documents formats supported are doc, scr, xls, xml, exe, psd, txt, pps and many more.

Download WTM Copy Protection.

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ha14 September 6, 2011 at 7:04 pm

is it free for home uers?

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