Make Any Folder Outside Dropbox On PC / MAC Sync With Dropbox

by Rohit Khurana on May 31, 2012


Dropbox is a great way to access your important files from cloud anytime anywhere. I keep Dropbox on my office PC, my home laptop and mu iPhone and I keep all my important work related and other important files on the Dropbox folder. This helps me access these files at ease from anywhere and also keeps the files synced automatically on all the devices. If you are not using Dropbox as yet, you can join at this link for a free account of 2GB. If you are already a Dropbox user, you mush have notices one big limitation of Dropbox, which is that to sync any folder using Dropbox service, that folder needs to be inside the Dropbox folder on your Windows or MAC computer. This is something which is something which is not supported by Dropbox officially as yet. But in this article, we will share an unofficial way to do the same for Windows as well as MAC OS.

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Add Any Folder [outside Dropbox Folder] To Dropbox Sync In Windows

For Windows, there is a very light weight and efficient tool called the Dropboxifier which you can download and install in Windows. It gives a very neat and easy to use interface to add any folder to Dropbox. Just download and run the software, it does not require installation. For the first time, you need to select your dropbox folder where it will add an XML file which keep the record of all the external folders (outside dropbox folder) to by synced with dropbox service. It makes the dropbox tool believe that this folder is inside of the dropbox folder by using XML based shortcuts. When you will run Dropboxifier for first time, it will give you a warning message to create an XML file, simply select yes to proceed.


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After that what ever folder you want to add, simply add the folder names and folder location by selecting the options on the left side under Add New Link.

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It will create an entry in the XML, and if you are a curious soul like me who like to know how it does this magic, lets have a look at the XML file created by Dropboxifier below:

Make Any folder to sync with dropbox on windows or mac os  (6)

Wasn’t that pretty easy and neat.

Add Any Folder [outside Dropbox Folder] To Dropbox Sync In MAC OS

There is a similar tool to Dropboxifier for MAC called the MacDropAny which does the same thing for MAC OS. This tool is also very simple and easy to use.


We hope you find this quick tutorial useful to keep your important files and folders with you when you need it. Also Read – Use Multiple Accounts Of Dropbox on One PC Using Dropbox Portable. Do share this article with your friends.

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