Make Firefox Bookmark Open With Correct Password Only

by Rohit Khurana on September 21, 2011


As you know that the bookmarks in a browser are accessible to all the users who will use your browser and hence it doesn’t provide you any privacy. This happens in case you have a single user account instead of multiple user accounts. The privacy regarding your bookmarks can be a issue if you want to prevent your data from being accessed by other users. But sometimes in case of multiple user accounts some of the users may have access to your Firefox profile folder. This access will be available for system administrator and if you are not the administrator on the system then your Firefox profile folder can be accessed by the System Administrator. But if you want to protect browser bookmarks from being accessed by anyone else your then I have got an extension named Link Password for you which can be used to password protect your bookmarks in Firefox.

Firefox bookmarks 1

This add on will add two new options to your right-click bookmark’s context menu. When ever you will click right click on the bookmark you will get a drop down which will be having two options i.e. Encrypt this link and Decrypt this link to protect your bookmarks from being accessed by someone else other than you. When you will click on the Encrypt this link option a dialog box will open as shown below.

Firefox bookmarks 2


This is the Create new Encrypted Link dialog box which will get opened when you will select the Encrypt this link option in the dropdown that will open when you will do a right click on a bookmark. Now in this dialog box you will specify a password for your bookmark and then again reconfirm it to get it secured so that no one else except you can open the bookmark without the password. You also have Rename Links check box which can be checked or unchecked depending upon the requirement.

Firefox bookmarks 3

If you will check the checkbox of Rename Links. The links will be replaced by the Link Password URL and the Link title will be replaced by a random page title. Sometimes very strange link titles can also get selected for a bookmark. For instance a bookmark for which the Rename Links check box was checked was renamed to Canada- Yahoo Search Results and it had nothing to do with yahoo nor search. So the tool will also mask the information about the bookmark. When you will try to open the encrypted bookmark you will be asked for the password and  then only you will be able to open that bookmark. If you want to remove the password from a bookmark which is already encrypted  you will have to select Decrypt is link option from the dropdown.

Download Link Password.

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