Make USB Pen Drive / Hard Drive Read Only or Disabled

by Rohit Khurana on June 1, 2012


There are many ways and hacks to enable or disable pen drives on a PC and we have talked about many of them before in our previous tutorials. Some of these tutorials involve use of tools like ThumbScrew, while others include registry editing or driver installation to unblock or enable USB Pen Drive in offices or schools. We have also shared a tutorial on how to solve the problem of write protected Pen Drive or Memory card. In this article, we will share a related tip which will help you to make all USB drives connected to your computer as write protected which means that no one will just attach a USB pen drive and copy data off your computer to their thumb drive. Also you can totally disable the USB ports on your computer to read any USB drive if you like.

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To make USB drives write protected or disabled, you can use a light weight tool called USB Disabler which is a free software for personal use and can be used very easily without requiring any installation. The USB disabler is a very minimalistic tool with no fancy stuff, it just does it it says, disabled USB drives on a Windows PC or Write protects them (whatever options you like to use).

Simply download the file and extract it, right click on the extracted executable file and use the option to “Run as administrator” as it required admin rights to make the changes which are required to block USB pen drive.

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Once you launch this tool, it will give a small dropdown with options – Normal, Read Only and Disabled. Select any of these options and press the Blue colored save button at the bottom after you make the change.

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Make USB Drives Read Only or Disabled (3)

Once you make the USB drives write protected, the drive which were already connected will not be affected, but once you disconnect and connect them again, it becomes write protected.

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To switch back to normal mode (or remove write protection and enable USB), just select Normal from the drop down and press the save button and it will remove the affect on the drives when you disconnect and connect them back again.

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Since this is a freeware and does not come with any warranties, it may not work 100% correct on all PCs. In our test, the disable USB option did not work on our pen drive however the write protection worked perfectly fine. Check out some more useful Tips and Tricks By Trouble Fixers.

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