Make Windows Programs Visible Behind Above The Current Window Focused On Screen [Windows All]

by Rohit Khurana on May 24, 2011


Many of the users feels very good when they prove themselves to be good at multitasking. They are no doubt very good at their job. But ofcourse everyone would prefer if the users can proceed with their work in a more easier and efficient manner even if they can handle things very well. Not only for multitasking the similar case applies to all. So today, I would like to review an application known as See Through Windows. You might have got the idea from  the name of the utility that it will help you to maintain the transparency level.

See Through Windows is a small freeware of 530 KB only. It has been designed so that the user can look across different windows. This is very beneficial when you have to use a number of consoles simultaneously. Now you don’t have to toggle between the windows continuously.

Program Manager_2011-05-12_11-34-35


One of the examples has been displayed in the snapshot above. Like there are two browsers being used: Firefox and Chrome. On accessing the application, all the windows will be visible at the same time. The current window you are using will be most transparent and the transparency level decreases further. Also, the control remains on the current window itself. So, here firefox browser is transparent. And the control still remains there. That whatever you will type and give the command will be done on the most recent window.

So, now you would keen to know how to access the application. It will be present on your system tray. By default the hotkeys to access it are Shift + Ctrl + Z. But you can easily change the combination as shown in the snapshot below. The key can be chosen from A to Z or F1 to F24. You can also change the other settings. The transparency level can be set. The movement of the windows can also be enabled.


After making all the settings, use the utility. It is most beneficial when when you have to read and write on separate pages simultaneously. Remember if you exit the utility from the system tray, it will not work. In case you don’t like the transparency level, you can also make it to opaque. These all options helps you to use the utility under different situation. So, download and enjoy the application.

The freeware has been tested on Windows 7 and is compatible with all the other versions also.

Download See Through Windows

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