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by Rohit Khurana on November 2, 2010


Now  a days we need make notes frequently on various topics. We generally prefer Notepad but it does not solve the problem always. Think of the scenario when you have to make some plans of an event and there are random thoughts coming to your mind for different arrangements. Entering all data in one document messes up everything. Or at the same time, if you have to toggle between windows makes the things more complicated. So, I would like to review the tool Pasteboard. Here, you can make your entries in one window with many pages for different purposes.

Pasteboard is a very small freeware of 619 KB only. It is a portable tool. It consists of ten different pages which you can use simultaneously. The snapshot below show you the utility.


You might be thinking about formatting the text after viewing the snapshot. Well, pasteboard has all the options. Just right click on any of the numbers and select settings. Now, you can change the settings, as shown in the snapshot below.


  • Rename the pages as per the convenience and requirement.
  • Change the toolbar (the bar that contains the page number) settings i.e. font and colour.
  • Change the text window settings i.e. font and colour.
  • Reset all the settings which you have made so far.

Font: It is used to change the font, font style and size.  As you can see the snapshot, there are a large number of fonts and few font style and size. Also, you can add effects like strikeout and underline. Select any colour of the text for the long list available. The script is Western only.


Colour: It is used to change the colour of the background. The first one for the colour of the toolbar and the second one for the background of the text.

You may see the snapshot below for a sample.


As any software until designed for a specific purpose, can be absolutely according to you. Similarly, pasteboard also creates some of the hurdles. The settings which you will change will be applied to all the pages and text. You can’t have different settings for selected text or even for separate pages.Apart from that I found the tool to be amazing.

All the changes will be auto saved when you close the window and you need not to save them. Finalise the data whenever it is required in some other format because we can’t save the pasteboard file. So, for next task you have to delete the previous one.

The tool has been tested with Windows 7, so it will be compatible with all the other versions also.

Download Pasteboard

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