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by Rohit Khurana on November 13, 2010


Have you ever felt, that when working on a couple of explorer windows at the same time it becomes a bit too messy to manage them. It is very frustrating to switch between two windows and if you want to see both windows at the same time then it is impossible to do it without closing one of them or resizing both of them, which feels like a wasting a whole lifetime when working in a hurry. There is no way you can deny the fact that, it is actually pretty difficult to work on more than one windows and there is no other way to open all your files in a single program which enables you to easily manage all the open windows and enables you to save all the time spent on organizing them.

This is when this truly amazing tool comes into action. This so called chameleon windows manager is such a simple concept but yet so amazing that you will be tempted to put this on your computer right away, just like i did. This is so useful and yet a free tool that you will definitely love it. What this does is that it gives you all the options on you windows explorer windows that will help you manage them with just a single click.

Lets see how it works, After installing the program the following screen pops up. The user interface is very easy to use and the options normally describe their uses themselves

window manager

This screen consists of six different options which enable you to place your windows according to your own convenience.According to your requirement you can select which of the options are to be displayed on the upper left corner of the window which will be showed in form of buttons.

manager 4

To show you some examples we opened a new window from the explorer tab, normally when a window is opened it will open full screen or like in the center like the image shown below


The first one enables you to position window to left of the screen like this



With this option you will be able to place your window at the left of your screen, you can also opt to set window width to half the screen so that if you want to open another window to the right of the screen you can do that with ease with the next option and work simultaneously on both of them.

The next option is somewhat similar but it aligns the window to the right of the screen



And the widow is placed like this

manager 3

Third option is used to minimize the widow to caption size


manager 4

You can opt to temporarily show the window at the top of all windows so that you don’t have to go searching for it again.

Next option is used to specify the transparency of the window when the transparency option is used


manager 5

This option can be used to transpire the window so that you can check or see the window below when cross checking between documents.

Second last option is used to to pin up the window always on top


You can use this window if you want to set a window to a higher priority than others

The last option is used to minimize the window to the system tray as a small icon


managef 6

After using this option the window appears as a small icon in the lower right corner of the computer’s desktop in the system tray.Like the one circled above

In the end we would say that this is a very useful application for any one who uses windows operating system on his computer and the best part is that such a useful concept is free to use . I would definitely suggest you to keep this tool on your computer because you might not know when it will be required and how useful it can be .

Download Chameleon Window Manager

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