Manage Multiple Monitors On Windows PC Easily

by Rohit Khurana on September 19, 2010


If you use more than one monitor with your computer, then today we will be telling you about a new and innovative tool called EasyMon which can arrange applications along all your different monitors, which are attached to your computer.

EasyMon is a tool for all those people who requires speed in their work and therefore have attached more than one monitor with their computer so that they can view many applications windows simultaneously. This tool will allow you to further speed up your work by allowing you to switch applications from one monitor to another by simply pressing combination of two keys.

If you are using more than one monitor and switch one application to another screen, then you will need to minimize applications in both of the screen and then switch their windows, but this tool simplify your work and will allow you to easily arrange your applications among all your monitors and easily switch them among too. EasyMon is a freeware and is very small in size.When you install this tool, it get automatically pin in your system tray.

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If you have set the default configuration while installing, then this tool will automatically start when you boot up your computer and will always run in background. The default settings to move applications are windows key(from keyboard) and then the arrow keys.  Win+ (↑/↓/→/←) use any one of arrow, and this combination will move your application in the direction of your arrow key.

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This is how this tool looks like when you open it. You will see two options when you open this tool i.e Change Settings or Get Help. You can get help from online website to which this tool will automatically direct you, when you will click on it. Online Manual and Contact Support will be the two options available when you click on Get Help.

The other option is change setting. If you find the combination of Win key with arrow keys is not comfortable to you, then you can even change the combination setting. To do so, just click on Change Settings and then a new window will open.


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Then choose the desired key. You can even make combination of two keys like Ctrl+Shift+arrow keys as your Hot Key Combination. You can even change default Start-up options, if you don’t want this tool to run at your system booting time. Click on check on update if you want this tool to automatically check for new version and notify you if it find any new version.

This tool is basically designed for multiple monitors but you can even use for your single monitor. I found this tool very useful for my single monitor. You can open two applications on your desktop and shift them such that you will be able to see both of them simultaneously. Shift one application to left and one to right by using keys Win+Left arrow and Win+Right arrow key respectively. Now you will able to cascade two applications on your desktop and see both of them simultaneously.

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As you can see, I have opened one window of windows explorer and one window of internet explorer simultaneously. I find it very useful as while searching files in my computer, am not missing the updates from internet. Similarly you can open any two windows according to your requirements. We have already reviewed some of the useful tools for Multiple Monitor setup here – Move Windows across multiple monitors , Separate Taskbar On Each Monitor and UltraMon.

The size of this tool is 720 Kb and it will automatically pin itself in system tray once it get installed. This freeware is compatible with all versions of windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7-32 bit edition.

Download EasyMon

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