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by Rohit Khurana on December 20, 2010


Being a computer user we always the perform the activity of copying something and pasting that somewhere.But if this is done in a user friendly manner then it will be quite easy for us to perform the operation without much complexity.

ClipBoard Manager provides the solution to this. A clipboard manager is a computer program that adds functionality to basic clipboard usage. The main tasks of a clipboard manager are:

  • To store data copied to clipboard, so it can be pasted after closing the host application of the data copied
  • To make multiple clips from the history available, whereas most system-native clipboards overwrite one clip with the next

Clipboard managers allow the user to keep multiple objects, usually text fragments, in the clipboard. Often this is done in the form of copy history. Without a clipboard manager, it is usually possible to keep only one entry in the clipboard. If another object is cut or copied the previously stored one is discarded.


Some applications have an internal copy history feature. This internal copy history, though, is lost after the host application is closed.


The default clipboard manager of Microsoft Windows operating system enables pasting after closing the host application of the copied data (usually), but doesn’t have the copy history feature. Users needing this functionality often run a more powerful clipboard manager in parallel with the default one. Mac OS X also has a whole host of third party options for clipboard managers. Third party clipboard managers for Mac OS X use mac concepts such as the Dock or Dashboard to fit nicely into the operating system.

It provides the functionality of manipulating the clipboard according the user choice i.e the user can remove the clips or can make it sticky by right click on the clip.

The features of the utility are:

1) It allows user to queue all clipboard data.
2) It allows user to save the entire clipboard data into permanent storage like file.
3) Shows Icon of the application from where you copied data onto clipboard.

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