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by Rohit Khurana on November 11, 2010


Do you find it difficult to search for an application that suits best for your smartphone. It becomes really difficult to find the best suited app for your phone especially when you are spending money on it. The worst part is when your friend shows you a different app , that he bought at a much lower price which does the same task, you some how feel a bit bad and at the same time you feel that if you had done a little bit more research you could have saved some money.In the present scenario it is somehow impossible to search from millions of available applications from thousands of different resources. Imagine if you have two phones with different operating systems for example an iPhone and a blackberry and you want to add on a specific utility to both of them, how much frustrating and time consuming it can be.


Now you don’t have to worry a bit because there is a new search engine available which isĀ  as simple as using Google search engine and it lets you search out much more than just an app finder website. Called the Mimvi Search engine, its a free to use search engine is a very useful tool for people like me who like to keep updating their smartphones with the best available app for every task they want their smartphone to perform. Also it not only finds out the best suited search result for more than one operating system but it also finds out a few more related apps which you might not know about and they may be able to resolve your needs at a lower price.

It looks very simple and it has got a very beautiful interface, which looks like this


The interface is very simple and currently it works for apple iPhone , android, blackberry and web apps currently, with iPad, windows and Nokia ovi platform apps to be joining soon. If you want to search for a specific operating system then you have the option to choose accordingly.

Once you have entered the query it comes up to the next page where all the related search results are displayed, we chose to enter a query related to weather information because we thought that all the operating systems would have an app related to it and it will help us explain the utility more easily .


mimvi 1

Like you can see in the above given picture currently we have opted for the all devices option and it is showing all the related apps to the weather channel for the available operating systems.You can anytime refine your search results by retyping in the search box.

Next we chose Mimvi to display information only for apple iPhone operating system.


The iPhone option becomes highlighted so that you know what operating system results you are currently viewing and all the apps related to apple operating system are displayed with the small apple logo in front of it. Similarly you can refine you search according to other operating systems also, like




mimvi 4

And Web Apps


Looking at the functionality of this search engine, this can be a very useful application for all the smartphone users with different operating systems, also it is more useful to people who own more than one smartphone with two different operating systems.When looking at the current scenario one can easily figure out that nowadays all the companies are using applications as a part of their operating systems and the app usage is growing day by day. The same applies to the app developers and they are adding up new apps everyday to the data bases. After some time when it will be very difficult to find the exact application you were looking for in thousands of apps then this tool will show its utility.

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