Monitor GPU Processor Chip Temperature While Playing Games Using GPU Temp

by Rohit Khurana on October 12, 2011


Whenever you buy a new computer it comes with new parts, it works fine for some time but as the time passes some of the parts sometimes don’t function with their full efficiency. It is not that after sometime your processor will become slow. This slowness of the processor can happen due to overheating. The problem of overheating can also affect your GPU(Graphic Processor Unit). The processor is provided with a dedicated fan to keep its temperature in control. Whereas in case of a GPU sometimes the fan that is provided may or may not function with 100% efficiency due to some or the other reason. The problem with overheating is that if your GPU gets heated up too much it will affect its performance and in some cases it may also get destroyed permanently. So today I have got a tool for you names GPU Temp which will help you to monitor the temperature of your GPU so that you will be updated before your GPU stops working permanently.

The application will help you to monitor the core temperature of the GPU core in real time. The application will always be present in the system tray to provide you the real time temperature. The application will come in handy to monitor the temperature of your GPU and alert you in case of overheating when you play games and overclock your graphics card.

GPU Temp 1


This is the window which will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The application has two toolbar options File and Options. The tool will show you the name of the PC. Then it will also show you the graphic card or GPU that is installed in your system with its manufacturer’s name and its model number . Then it will show you the temperatures and the load of the of the graphic card or the GPU which ever is installed. The Temperatures section will show you the temperature of the GPU Core. The Load section will show you the load on the GPU Core, GPU Memory Controller and GPU Video Engine. Below all these statistics there is a graph of the temperature of the GPU Core and time.

GPU Temp 2

The File menu has two options i.e. Reset and Exit. The Reset option will Reset the all the values for Load and Temperature.

GPU Temp 3

The Options menu has three options i.e. Start Minimized, Minimize To Tray and Run On Windows Startup. The Minimize To Tray option will be checked by default.

Download GPU Temp.

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