Monitor Windows Master Boot Record Changes Using MRB Info Tool

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on January 8, 2010


MBR or Master Boot Record contains the data which is needed to boot your computer. The MBR is usually modified during installation of an Operating system.


For example when you Install Ubuntu Inside Windows or you Install some other version of Windows over your existing Windows. For example installing Windows Vista in dual boot with existing Windows XP installation or installing Windows 7 with windows Vista.


Some viruses or malware try to infect your MBR, you can get to know by using MBR Info tool. MBR info is a small DOS based tool which can help monitor any changes in the MBR compared to previously saved MBR records.


In this article I will share with you how you can can use this tool to save the MBR records and monitor any changes. This tool will let you recover your MBR with previously saved records if there has been any suspicious changes in your MBR.

Create MBR record for first time:



1. Download MBR info zip file here and extract it to a folder named mbr and save it on c:

2. Launch Command prompt as Administrator. To do this, go to Start menu, type “cmd” , right click on command prompt shortcut and click “Run As Administrator


3. On Command Prompt Window, type the following commands


It will give you a warning like one below, just click ignore.




4. The above command will create a file called mbrinfo.mbr on your computer’s c: as you can see below:



Monitor MBR Changes :



1. Launch command prompt by running it as administrator as you did in the above process in step2 .

2. Again run the same command as written below:


this will again give the same warning, just click “Ignore



3. The above message tells you that there has been no change in your MBR since the time you created it for the first time using the MBR Info tool. Hope you find this tool useful. This is a freeware tool developed by Anatoliy Kovalenko.

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