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by Rohit Khurana on September 18, 2010


If you have a habit of opening lots on applications and programs in Windows, and you find it difficult to switch between your opened application from your taskbar because of difficulty in locating a particular opened application or program from taskbar among several items, then you can use called All In One Tray which can simplify your work.

All In One Tray is a new and innovative tool which gets located in your system tray once you run it. Now you can minimize all your applications in this tool only and can access all of them by just a single click on this tool’s icon from your system tray. So it will help you in saving lots of your time while switching between opened applications. It is a very simple tool and requires no installation. When you run its exe file, it automatically gets pinned in your system tray.

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Now suppose you require number of applications while working. So you have opened all of them one by one and minimized them to your taskbar. But now you will find that your taskbar is flooded with icons and you will find it very difficult to locate and application.

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This is how your taskbar will look if you flood it with number of applications. Now to ease switching between your opened applications, use All In One Tray. In this tool, to minimize any of the opened application, just press windows key which is located on your keyboard and then q. Pressing Win(key)+q automatically minimizes your application in the system tray inside this tool.

If you want to see all your minimized applications, then you will need to right click on this tool’s icon on the start menu and then you will find a list of all your opened application in a very easy readable format. So now you can switch to any of the application within fraction of time.

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When you open number of applications, the performance of your system also degrades but when you minimize your current applications in this tool, then believe me you will find a significantly improvement in performance of your system. The another advantage is that no one roaming around you can see which all applications you have opened. So it will even provide you security.

This tool also provides you a shortcut to open all your minimized windows. To open all minimized applications, just click on Show all and then immediately all your minimized applications will get open.


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The other integrated features of this tool are Tools and Config, System Control, Built in Tools and User Custom Path.

  • Tools and Config :-  This feature consists of 5 sub features. They are Administrative Tools, Network Configuration, System and security, Maintenance Tools and Device Control. All these feature individually consists of lots of applications which are very useful to mange your network and system.
  • System Control :- This feature also consists of 3 sub features. They are Power, System and Solve IP. All its tools will help to better control your system.
  • Built-In Tools :- This contains some of the utility tools like on screen keyboard, Windows backup, Windows features etc.
  • User Custom Path :- This contains four tools i.e Turnoff Monitor, Speak, CCleaner and Windows Media Player. These all are the shortcuts to access these tools.

You can even watch the video below to see how this tool actually works.

All In One Tray

The size of this tool is just 432 Kb and it will pin itself it system tray when you run this tool. This tool is compatible with all the edition of Windows 7 and has been tested successfully on Windows 7- 32 bit edition.

Download All-In-One-Tray

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