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by Rohit Khurana on December 29, 2008



Recently we got a mail from one reader who wants to know how can he move his bookmarks from Firefox to any other browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc. Moving bookmarks in between different browsers can be quite difficult and messy they may not read each other exported bookmarks.


Transmute is FREE small portable program which will let you export bookmarks into another browser seamlessly.



Transmute lets you export you bookmarks in between the browsers like Safari, Firefox2+ ,Firefox3+,Internet Explorer, Chromium, Google Chrome, Sea Monkey etc.

Let’s how can you use transmute utility to export bookmarks in between various browsers.


The process of using transmute is very simple. Download transmute here, after that you just need to run transmute and then select the source browser from where you want to import the bookmarks and then select the target browser where you want to export the bookmarks and then select the export button.


Note: Make sure that both the browsers source and the target browser are closed at the point when you run transmute.


We hope you like this small program which will help to exporting bookmarks in between the browser installed on your computer seamlessly.

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