Move Downloaded Files To Different Folders Automatically

by Rohit Khurana on July 2, 2010


It feels irritating while arranging a huge heap of files which get collected all at one place inside the download folder when you download them from Internet. We download all types of files in a single directory but in order to keep our data easily accessible we should distribute them in a certain number of directories but we often don’t do that.


To make this task of copying and moving each group of file from the download directory to the desired destination, we will share a wonderful tool which will automatically do this for you. Instead of repeatedly going to each folder again and again we can use a tool named as Download Mover 1.1.

From the above snapshot you can see that the very first option in that application window is to select the directory in which your download completes. When you select the folder then below it you will find an empty list in which all files and other sub-directories which are to be moved will be enlisted. After entering the files and folders you will have to add the destination to which the mentioned files should move

You will have to write the format of all the files but if you want to copy all the files to a certain location then you can use a character (*) and if you want to copy all the files of a certain format then you can use (*.format).


It has a size of about 800 Kb which makes it very light and portable, this freeware does not get installed. It minimizes itself on the system tray and it will consistently check the download folder for a new entry. The frequency of checking can be adjusted by the user by entering the amount of time between the two consecutive checks. As soon as it detects a new entry it will shift it to the folder which has been already mentioned by you.

After moving the files or folders it will show a dialogue box near the system tray confirming the completion of transfer or if there was any error during the transfer then it will notify it by showing a red dialogue box.


If you report any error regarding any bug then you can mail to the email address available in the application window. The testing and developing of this tool has been on Windows XP, but it is also compatible with Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit edition as it has been checked by me. Undoubtedly this tool will prove out to be very helpful for the people who frequently download stuff from Internet. So, Enjoy!

Download Download Mover

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