Move Installed Software Programs To Free Up Windows Partition Disk Space

by Rohit Khurana on June 2, 2012


When we start using a new Windows PC or laptop, we rarely face any space issue on the hard disk of the computer, but with time, we tend to use up a lot of space by installing more and more programs, saving more and more data on Windows computer. If you have multiple hard disk partitions on your PC with one Windows partition and other partitions used for saving data and other purposes, you might notice that Windows partitions tends to use a lot of space gradually. There ware many ways to clean up disk space in Windows partitions, but there is a limit after which you can’t free up additional space using normal disk cleanup or maintenance tasks. If you are running low on space on Windows partition of your computer and its making your computer slow and suffocated, this article will help you address the problem very effectively and easily. In this article, I will share a free software with you which can help you moved installed programs in your computer to other than Windows partition without any need to uninstall and reinstall them. This frees up a lot of disk space occupied on Windows partition by program files.

Move installed Programs in Windows (1)

The free software I am talking about it called the SymMover, it is free for personal use and is very lightweight. You can simply download and install it and after its installed, using it is very simple and intuitive. To clean up some disk space on Windows partition, first identify the programs which you would need to move, ideally move a couple of large size softwares and it will free up considerable disk space for you. In this example, I move Angry Birds game from my computer’s Windows partition to another partition on my Windows 7 computer.

Move installed Programs in Windows (3)

To start with, start the SymMover and click on the large Plus button to add the program which you want to move, select the program from the list.

Move installed Programs in Windows (2)

After selecting the Installed Software Program, select the destination folder by clicking on the yellow folder like icon. You may have to add a location for the first time usage.

Move installed Programs in Windows (5)


Move installed Programs in Windows (6)

Move installed Programs in Windows (7)

After selecting source and destination folder, simply click on the green arrow button to start moving the programs.

Move installed Programs in Windows (8)

On clicking the move button, it will copy the programs from the Windows partition to the other disk,

Move installed Programs in Windows (10)

Move installed Programs in Windows (11)

Within a few minutes the transfer will complete. The process is really simple and reversible-  you can move the programs back to the Windows partition if you need to by clicking the yellow arrow facing to the left.

Move installed Programs in Windows (12)

On observing closely we realized that the SymMover makes something like a soft link between the original location and the moved location, so while the program is physically stored in the other partition, to Windows, it seems like a normal installed program and it runs normally too after moving.

Move installed Programs in Windows (13)

We wind this tool very useful for computers running low on disk space on Windows partition, hope you find this tip useful to clean up some space on Windows partition. Check out some more Windows Tutorials by TroubleFixers.

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Ted West June 7, 2012 at 5:43 am

Why not just reinstall the program to a different partition? It seems less confusing.

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