Migrate User Account and User Profiles in Windows Quick and Easy Way

by Rohit Khurana on July 21, 2011


Sometimes, users want to completely migrate their user-profiles in Windows to some other account or to some other drive. Although, it is not an easy task but can be done by some scripts and command line tools. Microsoft already has a tool for that which they provide to all the Windows users and it is known as User State Migration Tool (USMT). This tool is basically a scriptable command-line tool that comes up with features of providing a highly-customizable user-profile migration experience for all the computer users who are looking for the migration of their profiles. But, as we know this scriptable-command line tool is a little complex job and is not at all user-friendly.

So, for this purpose, we recommend you another tool which comes up with a complete Graphical User Interface (GUI) and has lot more features then the User State Migration Tool (USMT). M.U.S.T. or Move User’s Stuff Tool is a freeware tool available for Windows users which provides a complete GUI for USMT and has some additional features as well. But, in order to install and use this tool one must have USMT available in the system. This tool works for almost all the versions of Windows including the Windows 7 as well.



In order to use this smart tool, you may simply download it from the below given link and install it. But as said earlier, before installing it just make sure that you have at least version 4.0 of USMT in your system in order to make it work properly. Now, once you install the tool in your system, simply launch it and you will observe a nice-looking and a user-friendly GUI on your screen. This GUI will have two main tabs providing different features and functionalities. Out of these two tabs, one can be used for capturing all the user data which the user wants to be migrated and the second tab can be used for restoring that data from the backup.


Now, when you use the first tab which is there for capturing of data, you can select all the file types which you don’t need to be included and also those folders which you want to be excluded. Similarly, you can also select any particular drive which you want to be excluded. After doing so, it also provides you with one more feature which gives you the complete security by encrypting the complete backup with a password.


As said earlier, along with these options of backing up and restoring the data, M.U.S.T also provides the user with many more options for customizing this complete migration. Some of these features include support for encryption, support for drive exclusion as mentioned earlier, etc. developers are still looking for more enhancements in this tool, so one can expect more features to come in at some later stage. For now, you may download it from the below given link and can try it out.

Download M.U.S.T.

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