Multiple PCs Document Collaborating Real Time Editing In Notepad++ Using NppDocShare

by Rohit Khurana on January 6, 2012


Notepad++ has now got the options to allow editing of the document by multiple users. There are many new and improved plugins coming for Notepad++ making it one of the most powerful and desirable editors available in the market. Today I will tell you about a plugin named as NppDocShare which will enhance the document editing capabilities of Notepad++.  The plugin will allow multiple users to edit the document at the same time. You will only need to connect the computers through a network which can be any network WLAN, LAN or Internet. The plugin will allow the multiple users to edit the document in real time. The best thing about the plugin is that any changes done by one user will be instantly available to the other user without any delays which happen in the other text editors.

notepad 1

This is the first window which will open up when you will launch the Notepad++. Now in order to install the plugin in Notepad++ click on the Plugins option in the toolbar. When you will click on the Plugins option highlighted in the Red rectangular box in the toolbar a menu dropdown menu will menu will open with various options. In the dropdown menu choose Plugin Manager highlighted in the Red rectangular box it has two further options Show Plugin manager and About. Select the first option i.e. Show Plugin Manager highlighted in the Red rectangular box and Click on it.

notepad 2


The above window will open when you will select the Show Plugin Manager option form the previous window. The window has three tabs Available, Updates and installed. Select the Available tab highlighted in the Red rectangular box. This tab will show you a list of all the available plugins which you can install in your Notepad++. Now in this list of all the available plugins select the NppNetNote plugin highlighted in the Red rectangular box and check the checkbox in front of this plugin and click on the Install button. When you will click on the Install button the plugin will be extracted from the source and will be installed in your Notepad++.

notepad 3

After the plugin is installed in notepad++ there will be a button available in the the icon bar just below the toolbar for NppDocShare highlighted in the Red box. When you will click on this button the properties of this button will open in the window on the right side of the Notepad++. The options available include an Address textbox, Port textbox and three buttons Connect, Serve and Disconnect. Now if you want to share something from your system then these will be the settings on your system as these are the default settings. you will only have to click on the Serve button so that the status of the server comes to listening mode. Now from the other computer from where you have to access this document you will have to make following changes :-

  • In the Address text box type the IP address of the computer from which you want to connect.
  • The port number should be the same as what it was on the other computer.
  • Click on the connect button and then you will be able to see and edit the document.

Download NppDocShare.

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