Mute Computer Sound In One Single Click

by Rohit Khurana on June 9, 2010


There are times when you are listening to songs on a high volume and suddenly your mom calls or something similar happens when you need to get out of your high volume sound world and need to come back to your senses and listen to someone.


At such times you need to instantly mute the sound so that you can listen to the person who is talking behind, we have already discussed some ways to mute sound in easily and faster like desktop shortcut to mute sound, mute sound while locking windows and how to mute sound automatically when computer resumes from standby or hibernate.


Today we will tell you about another freeware called SndVolPlus which adds a better mixer control, middle click toggle for mute sound and double click opens mixer, once this application is running, when you click the volume icon shown in system tray it will mute the system sound.


We would suggest you to add this application to your programs startup folder, so that it keeps running every time you start windows. It is a portable application does not require installation.

Download SndVolPlus [ Via LifeHacker ]

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