New Way to Shutdown Windows 8

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on March 5, 2012


Windows 8 consumer preview has been recently out for public download, if you haven’t downloaded till now and you are interested in trying out windows 8, we have already posted an extensive guide on how you should go forward about installing windows 8 on your new or old Pc, you can read that guide here. In case you have windows 8 developer preview then you should go for a upgrade which will be both more easy and quick, you can read how to that here. Today we will tell you new way to shutdown windows 8

As windows 8 does not have a start menu like windows 7, so it is been a task for people to find out how to find the UI which could allow them to turn off, shutdown windows 8 as the UI for it lies in the start screen which is difficult to find as it seems from the initial reactions from people using windows 8. There can be most easiest ways to shutdown on the other hand there are some complex as some experts say there are some convoluted or complex way of shutdown now in windows 8, we will tell you all of them.

The way windows 8 should be shutdown has been changed by Microsoft, just because they removed start menu, but you want add start menu to your windows 8 or want to run both start menu and start screen in windows 8 you can read our guide here

Complex Way To Shutdown Windows 8 

If you are running start screen or in windows 8 desktop mode in windows 8, you need to access the settings Metro UI by pressing Windows Key + I – then click on the power symbol and select shutdown, restart or hibernate as shown in the image below.


new way to shutdown windows 8

Another way of shutting down windows 8 could be through the charms bar, for this you will need to press Windows Key + C to open the charms bar or move your mouse to the extreme right edge of the screen and then select settings option and repeat the same set of things as mentioned above to shutdown windows 8.

system settings windows 8

Fastest & Simplest Way To Shutdown Windows 8

As per this method you will see the old shutdown dialog which you had seen in earlier versions of windows from xp to windows 7, press Window + D if you are in desktop mode in windows 8 or press Esc key to go to desktop mode in windows 8 and then Windows + D to show the empty desktop with all program minimized and then Press Alt+F4 key to open the plain simple shutdown dialog in windows 8 as shown in the image below.

windows 8 simple shutdown UI

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