Not able to play a scratched DVD / CD on your DVD / CD writer / ROM ?

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on December 15, 2007



It happens some times when you try read a scratched DVD or CD on your DVD writer or ROM but doesn’t read it at all. But the strange thing is that the same scratched DVD / CD is being read by your friend’s computer.

Don’t worry as you can simply fix your DVD writer / ROM to read that scratched DVD / CD.


Till now you must have got the clue that there is some thing wrong with your DVD writer / ROM and that is your the lens is in dirty state so you need to clean your writer’s / ROM’s lens so that it can read scratched DVDs / CDs also.


Here, is how to fix procedure on How to clean your DVD writer lens

Option 1: (Recommended)

You can try a CD laser cleaning disc. It has a brush that cleans dust off the laser. Available from record shops and PC shops. It works nicely.

Option 2: (Not Recommended)

We do not recommended this method if don’t had any experiences dealing with electrostatic discharge sensitive hardware devices. If you have the experience of the same then go ahead.

1. First discharge your self.

2. Open up the screws of your DVD writer /ROM and clean the lens with gentle soft and dry cloth.

Its fixed.

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