Quickly Switch Users, Sleep or Shutdown Windows In A Click

by Rohit Khurana on July 7, 2011


Users from every age-group who uses the computer system for any of their work irrespective of their domain want that there should be fast and instant options for every application in their system. They don’t want to search here and there for the icons to use various services, rather they should have all the shortcuts available in a single interface. For such kind of need, one of the latest utility has been launched which allows the user to have a fast and instant access for various features and services in the system.

JumpControl, is a small yet valuable utility which has been developed and launched by DeviantArt user ProtoSphere for Windows 7 . This utility enables the user to place a number of the login/logout options right at the fingertips by providing them on a single interface. Although, these options are already only one or two clicks away and are present there in the Start menu, but still this utility makes it a lot simpler, and much easier for the user. Saying more about this small utility, one can say that it is basically a portable OS Session Control app for the Windows 7 Taskbar which allows the user to have a complete control of some of the basic OS Session Management tasks from the taskbar itself.



This small utility can be downloaded very easily from the below given link and after unzipping the downloaded file the folder can be placed in any of the folder or location in the system. Now in order to get started with this utility, simply right-click on the JumpControl program present in the folder that has been unzipped and choose the Pin To Taskbar option from that menu. After doing so, you can observe a new little blue “shut down” icon added to your Taskbar. Now, to use JumpControl, just right-click on this new icon from the taskbar itself and you will observe a list similar to the one shown in the below snapshot:clip_image004

As shown in the snapshot, it provides you the basic choices related to some of the standard session options available in Windows such as, Shutdown, Restart, Sleep, Switch User, Lock, Log Off, etc. It also provides you the facility to remove any one or the other options from this list if you want to do so.

Basic reasons why this utility can prove to be a better one as compared to the options that are available in start menu is speed and efficiency. As compared to clicking the options present in the select-menu and then choosing from the list, this utility proves to be a lot quicker. As far as efficiency goes, the user has to use two clicks to use any option in JumpControl whereas if we compare it with selecting an option from the start menu, then it’s one click to open the menu, then either another click or a little pause to open the shutdown options menu, then another click to choose the option that user wants.

It is true that it won’t save much of your time, but the only thing is that and it’s just nice having the options right there pinned in your taskbar. It uses the features that Microsoft introduced with Windows 7, and so JumpControl is definitely worth a try.

Download JumpControl

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