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by Rohit Khurana on July 8, 2011


Nowadays, with the advancement in technology and with the increase in number for the updates in computers, computer has become one of the vital tool for information and data. Whether it is news, communication with other people, sharing data with others all is done with the help of computers and internet. We all know that operating system is the most important part of any system that is being used by any user. It is obvious that any OS whether it is Windows or any other OS, can’t run always without any error. Many issues arises related to Windows for which, you always need settings and solution to these issues which arises time to time in order to continue the successful run of the Window.


Although, there are many applications which are available to solve such issues that are related to Windows but Crisis Aversion Tool is somehow different from them. CAT is basically a simple, small, portable tool which is available as a freeware for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. As stated earlier, similar to the tool of its kind it can also fix many types of issues and the other kind of Windows errors. This tool can be used for resetting the Windows settings, permissions, services and Windows update. It is very helpful to find out the issues which are related to incorrect settings in the system, to the issues where installation is not completed successfully, issues related with the corrupted configuration files, malware or the viruses in the system.



CAT is basically an open source application which as said earlier, provides a large number of fixes for Windows related problems and that too within a simplified GUI based interface. User have to just launch this portable tool in order to fix any of the several issues such as, fixing the broken links of an application, re-enabling of the task manager which was disabled due to some reasons, repair SSL, HTTPS and other such services. Apart from these, it also solve issue related to internet explorer and can also be used to reset explorer shell, to flush the DNS resolver cache and for other related issues. Once the user selects the required fixes, then only a single click is required on Apply Checked Fixes button for the changes to take effect.

Along with these issues it also provide a feature to make adjustments to your system, by clicking on the adjustments tab. By doing so, one can decrease the menu show delay making it quicker. It is also used to change the settings for the current screen resolution. Similarly, one of the other tab, i.e. Miscellaneous tab can be used to take ownership of those files and folders which may have become inaccessible due to incorrect configuration or due to some other reasons. CAT is available for the systems on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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