Official Microsoft Online Safety Measures Brochure

by Rohit Khurana on February 15, 2011


Cyber crime is one of the measure troubles now a days. We have to be very cautious while using the Internet through the public networks. Many people are not aware of the safety measures that should be taken while using internet or the unsecured networks. So, Microsoft has launched a brochure to help people and report about any cyber crime taking place around you. The brochure contains the guidelines to use the internet and the mobile phones with proper security measures. The guidelines to be followed are as stated below:

  • Safety Tips while using the device (computer or mobile phones):
    • Use the passwords and PIN to secure your device: The strong passwords must be used with minimum of eight characters for your web services. Mobile Phones must be secured with the PIN. And they must not be shared via email, messaging as they are saved by the server.
    • Financial transactions should be done only through the secure networks: The financial transactions like paying bills etc. must be done at home as far as possible. The sensitive business transactions must not be done through the unreliable networks under any circumstances.
    • Beware if anyone is spying around you: Be careful while entering the passwords because they might be snoops around you.


You can go through the links mentioned below for more preventive measures:

  1. For online safety:
  2. For the learning of kids:
  3. For removing trace of any specific web activity:


    Steps to be taken if some threat has been identified:

    1. Immediately report to the corresponding financial authority to deal with the matter.
    2. You can contact U.S. Federal Trade Commission at, or can also call at the toll free number: (877) 438-4338.
    3. Scans and frauds can be reported at or call at a tool free number: (877) 382-4357.
    • Safety Tips for specific mobile connections:
      • Be cautious while data transfer: Data transfer through bluetooth, wifi or any other connection must be accepted only through the trustworthy sources. The bluetooth must be set to non-discoverable mode when not in use. Don’t allow to access your location through GPRS. Enable settings to detect your device if it is lost.
      • Be careful while using the public computers: Do not leave any private information on screen when you are away. Ensure that the passwords is not saved through any spyware in cafes etc. Erase all the websites, you have used. Flash drives must be carefully.
      • Connect to unknown internet connections (public WI-Fi) or unsecured wireless networks with proper security measures: Use antivirus, antispyware and other security softwares to protect your device and keep updating these softwares. Ensure the safety levels of the wireless hotspot you are going to use. Use the one with the proper data encryption techniques. Turn off or disconnect the wireless connection when not in use.

    Download Microsoft Brochure

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