3 Ways To Quickly Open Control Panel In Windows 8

by Rohit Khurana on March 16, 2012


Windows 8 brings many changes over Windows 7 with its different looking Metro UI, start menu replaced with tile filled start screen etc. On such a different looking interface, may beginner users get confused on how to access Windows Control Panel on Windows 8. In this article, I will share 3 different but very easy and quick ways to enter Windows Control Panel on Windows 8 PC.

Quickly Open Control Panel in Windows 8

image – Windows 8 Start Screen

3 Easy Ways To Open Windows Control Panel

Windows 8 Run Prompt Method To Open Control Panel [Fastest]

Run Prompt or Command prompt word may scare a lot of readers, but let me tell you, its is way easier and faster than you think. Simply press “Windows Key + R” on the keyboard. This will launch a Run prompt, on this Run prompt box. On the text box, just type “control” without quotes and press enter ! This is it, you have reached the Windows 8 Control Panel. You can do this while using start screen, using any software or from any other screen in Windows 8.

3-15-2012 5-56-23 PM

image – Run prompt to open control panel in Windows 8

3-15-2012 5-56-50 PM

image – Control Panel in Windows 8

Windows 8 Settings Method To Launch Control Panel

Since Windows 8 has been designed for touch and keyboard both kind of devices, the Run prompt method may not be very convenient for say a tablet using touch interface for typing. It makes it tedious to type sometimes on tablets specially when holding it in hands. So there is another very fast an easy way which works with touch screens and normal PCs with mouse or laptops with touchpads as well.

Simply tap or click near the bottom left side of the Windows 8 screen, it will launch the side quick menu like the one you see in the snapshot.

3-15-2012 5-59-19 PM

image – Side quick menu in Windows 8

Click on Settings, and on the next screen that shows up, click on Control Panel option which is usually second from top.

3-15-2012 5-59-40 PM


This method works conveniently with touch screen tablets, laptops, desktops and other devices running Windows 8.

Open Control Panel From Explorer In Windows 8

If for any reason, you don’t find the above two methods convenient, there is a third simple method, it does involve more steps, but its also fairly simple to follow. On the start screen, click on the Desktop tile to reach Desktop.

Go to Desktop in Windows 8

image – Open Desktop on Windows 8

On the desktop, click on the folder like icon next to Internet Explorer on bottom left of the Desktop screen. This will launch Windows Explorer.

3-15-2012 5-57-30 PM

image – opening Windows explorer

Once the explorer opens, click on the computer icon as shown in the screen shot, this will change the menu items on the top of this window.

3-15-2012 5-57-45 PM

image – click computer icon in Windows 8 Explorer

When you click on Computer icon on the left pane, you will see a new Menu names Computer on the top left of the screen. Click on that menu and click on the the icon which says “Open Control Panel”.

3-15-2012 5-58-08 PM

This is it. There are many more ways to open control panel, but why discuss all here. On general tip though, by default, Windows 8 Control Panel shows categories. To view all the options, click on the top rights side of the control panel and select “Large Icons” options to view each individual entry in classic style.

3-15-2012 5-57-12 PM

image – Control Panel with large icons

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Lisa Peters March 16, 2012 at 8:38 pm

Just an observation-my “side quick menu” is on the right side of the screen so I have to go to the very bottom of the right side to pull it up.
Thanks for all the good “8” tips!

Lager June 7, 2012 at 8:39 pm

That side quick menu with the Desktop option after you click settings only appears if you are already on the desktop. If you do it from the Start screen, you get settings for the tiles.

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