Add Tabs In Word 2010 To Handle Multiple Documents

by Rohit Khurana on August 21, 2010


There are times when you need to open multiple documents in Microsoft Office Word 2010, you might have noticed each time you open a document then it opens a new instance of word, it becomes difficult to switch in between these multiple word windows, however word 2010 has a feature to quick switch in between different documents opened.


We just found a cool addon for word 2010 which will add tabs in word, just like the browser interfaces like Google chrome or Firefox have. These tabs will represent various word documents opened in in the same word window and you can easily switch across them through these easy to click tabs.



Word Addin Tabs realizes most of the functions of “IE Tabs” in Microsoft office 2007 or Microsoft office 2010 Word. If you want to close the “Word Addin Tabs”, just click the “Add-ins” tab in the Word Ribbon, choose the DocTabs group, click the “Tabs” button, and then the “Word Addin Tabs” function will be disabled. By using the Word Addin Tabs, you can not only click “X” to close the document, but also right click the related tab of the document, and close it through the pull-down menu.

Download Word Add-in Tabs For Word 2010 or 2007

Note: We have tested the above addon with word 2010 and 2007, but we are not sure whether this will work more earlier versions of MS Office word

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