Open Source Free Tool To Copy, Backup Files From Damaged, Corrupted Hard Drive

by Rohit Khurana on September 22, 2011


I have got an an open source application named FileSystem, which is designed for advanced management of your hard disk. The application has the built in drivers for the PATA IDE hard drive, USB drive and ATAPI DVD / CD ROM drive. The various file systems supported by this software are FAT32, ISO9660 and EXT2. The application will allow you to resize the a FAT 32 partition. This software will also allow you to copy and explore from any session of CD or a  DVD. The file explorers provided by this application are like NC, DC and MC. These file explorers will have the built in support for drivers but they will not have any DOS or BIOS. The application can be used to check your hard drive for errors. The software will also allow you to change the FAT 32 settings. You can also view or alter the FAT 32 allocation table using this software. The application has some very striking features like it will help you to recover your lost files. Using this application you can use the function which are inside the programs as the operating system installers. The software has the built in driver support for UHCI USB control will enable you to debug your USB device.

file system 1


This is the window that will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The welcome message that comes on the first screen is that this is an advanced tool and you can damage your Hard drive if you handle it wrong.

file system 2

The various important options available to you in this tool are Explore Hard Disk and USB, Explore ATAPI CD/DVD, Explore Hard Disk/ISO Damage, Explore Ext2/3, Identify IDE Hard Drive, Identify ATAPI CD/DVD, Partition Manager, Move Tail, Defragment File, Defragment Directory, Is File Fragmented, HD Tools and many more.

File System can be used as the standalone application in DOS/WIN32&NT  or LINUX. The software can be used to copy as well as delete the files and folders recursively. The software can provide access to the clustered linked list of the file or directory. It can be used to modify the cluster link and the advanced file or directory settings. The software can be used to show the LongFileName entry of the file or directory. The application can be used to view or edit any file or directory structure. The application can print the detailed information about the clusters on a FAT partition or about blocks or inodes for an EXT2 compatible partition.

Download FileSystem.

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